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Selamat Tahun Baru 2017


Assalamualaikum wth.. and a very happy new year, 2017!

It has been an ages the last time I updated this blog of mine. Yeah, gotta to say that other social media like ig plays an important role of not writing anymore eh? But when it comes to perasaan i guess blog is still relevant media to use.

2016 has been a wonderful year to me. Nothing to regret, but many sweet memories for the keeping. Traveled to some countries/continent, learned a lot of history and culture. Moga Allah rezekikan lagi ke tempat org dan bumi Allah yg luas ini.

 I would say a good and steady career path dan tahun yang indah bersama keluarga, dalam kesederhanaan. 2016 hidup dalam 3 alam sbg worker, student and parents. A bit haywire, but manageable huuu... still struggle though....lagik tak habis kan...

2016, ada jugak yang pahitnya, fell on stairs cam nangka busuk and strained my heel. Sib baik takde patah, but cannot jalan 3 hari. MC seminggu, Thru x-ray I learned that I have heel spur issue. So I tri…