Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chicken dance, sea & sun

And so Ammar kena chicken pox. A good start for school holidays eh?. Gotta tagged him along balik kampung sbb ada program Ihtifal my beloved kindy.momi nk bg scroll kt graduan hehe it was a very successful event alhamdulillah.
And so the monsoon season is about to start. Gotta get ikan bilis supply esp for MIL before those fishermen cannot pegi ke laut.
We lepak at d beach to catch a glimpse of sunshine while it last. Strong tides yet beautiful sunny days with a rain the in between.
Right here so private tak ramai org so we watched the sunset sambil mkn kopok lekor celup tepung yum yummeh! sib baik tak ramai org klu tak sume dah lari tgk ammar haha..
We'll catch up later yah babai.

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