Friday, July 22, 2011

Kasut dari Auntie Jeet

My mom was just admiring auntie Jeet's work on knitted baby shoes when suddenly she reached home a parcel was waiting for her. Surprise! surprise! The kasut is all mine!

Auntie Jeet, I just love it!

It is indeed a fine work, pandai auntie mengait2 yek! Mom says she really appreciate it, she wish she could kait-mengait like that but she is just hopeless in fine art like that! She says thank you VM!

Erkkkk... tp klu nak pakai kena tunggu saya beso sketlah auntie!


Yeay... I've just turned 3! I was cranky on this day as I was having a mild fever on the night before. I had a stomach upset and I made mom n dad looking for 24 hrs clinic at midnight. Doc 'knock-knock' on my stomach and told mak ayah 'she is kembunglah'!. Doc inserted something cold inside my anus and there you go... the angin and the poo-poo all came out together-geder! The day after that supposed to be my 3 months cucuk but paed told mom n dad to wait since i had a mild fever before. Paed told mak ayah not to worry as it might be just a viral fever! Oh dear, they might change my milk again as I looked like to be having a digestive problem! Paed gave live cultured Pre and Probiotic and to see him in a week time. On the way back home I heard mom told Ayah I am really anak emas, what to do, mom is a family's Menteri Kewangan, all must count!

At 3 mths, I'm nearly 6kg. I am full of saliva but mom says she loves me one way or another!


syieranuar said...

aly cute sangattttttt :)

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

comel nya Yong.....

~jeet~ said...

dear miss p, glad that both u and mom like it ;) hope all is well with the milk and all, i never had formula growing up, so I wouldn't know how to advise,

enjoy!! :)

Art lover, cinnamonworldofcolours said...

Hi Yong.
Terpapar happiness di muka Yong, dengan ada Miss P in your life..
She is so adorable, I wish I can gomol2 dia, uli2 dia macam I buat dough roti, hehehe.

Maya Marisa said...


demam sebab beralih bulan kot. cha cha dulu, everytime beralih bulan jer mesti demam. no worries okay.
gerammm nyer tengok knit work jeet jeles u... :-P

Yong Kamariah said...

Dear Syiera,

Dear Rina,
TQVM - bila nak buat satu lagi anak? hihihi

Yong Kamariah said...

dear Auntie Jeet,
Yes, we both love it! TQVM again dear. Tak per, yg paling bagus susu dlm dunia ni susu ibu, so baguslah Jeet membeso dgn susu ibu, anak2 susu formula ni kuat melawan ckp ibu jerk erkkk...tak semua lah hehehe...

Yong Kamariah said...

Dear kak Iha,

Sbb tulah betul kata akak, our children grow up so fast, hari ni baru rasa gomol2, esok dah masuk university, like u said also, cherishlah every second that we have dgn mereka ye dak?

Yong Kamariah said...

My dear Maya,

Ha'ah, org selalu ckp cenggitu, demam nak beralih bulan, ye lah gamaknya tu, masuk 3 bln je mild fever, tp ari tu dia kembung, doc kata angin tak lepas buleh demam juga, aiyaa tgh pening kepala nih, sejak dua menjak ni dia tak berry hari2, tu pasal kembung kot, dah pueh tuko susu, any suggestions?
p/s : Jeet tunggu you punya baby baru, nti dia buat lagik cute punya! heee