Friday, April 13, 2012


Salam all.

MasyaAllah... it's April oledi!
April is here!(and nearly ending huhu..)

Hello April! This is my April girl, infact we are both April girls!

I always love April,
Spring is in the air....Blooms are everywhere...
Festivals here and there...
My lil Phia will be 1 yro in no time flies....

And I'll be a year wiser...this is my cekodok face back in boarding school once upon a time, just got akhil baligh if I'm not mistaken. I'm bigger than this actually...

 coz busy doing something such like this. mamak stall is always a chooice though- macam dah- dilanda- taufan at the back scene. and you might find some mice trail nearby. and yet people are beratuq like there is no tomorrow.

See you soon peeps, sorry for not updating for so long, each time I put my fingers on the keyboard I just don't know how to begin...


Muna Mahdzar-Fadaaq said...

Phia is sooo cute!
And, look at the size of the papadom.... I love mamak food!

somuffins said...

Yooohooo Yong
Assalam to you.. 'Phia Zadora' kah yg tersenyom2 tu?

Relax Yong, skrng baru bulan April tahun 2011, repeat: 2011. Kita berTUAlite zone kejap, hehe..

I assume there will be a blast bday celebrationlah kan??

Yong Kamariah said...

Auwwwww tq Kak Muna, anak cheq biasa2 saja... Jangankan your Elsa, beratuq org nak minang!
Mamak food eh, Who doesn't? Kari dia terbaekkkkk punya, org punya beratuq fuihhhh sikit punya panjang!

Yong Kamariah said...

Yuhuuuu Cik Som
Wassalam... Haalahhh phia zadora la tewwww kemain tersengeh lagik... Huhu tualite yerk? Ya penting hati mau maintain muda! Ngehngeh, hadoiii besday blast rasanya idokla terlarat kita potong pulut kunin jelah kot, lainla klu cik Som nAk sponsor muffin 20 kg!

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