Balik kampung lagi

The lepak time at Teluk Cempedak (TC), Kuantan.

Sangat kelaparan mereka ini...

Wajah kesayangan hamba...

'Adik, mari kita buat rama-rama nak? Ermm kita perlukan dlm 8 biji belon...' (Emak : RM1 x 8 = oih, kau ingat omak cap duit ko?)

A walk on a wooden bridge... so long long time one not coming here, very the nostalgic one I tell you...(kenapa kau agak terbongkok di situ?)

My lepak place when I was a school girl (always jogging here u believe or not?) ... now everything also got change!

That faraway bay that we used to called "Second Bay", got few times when school girl bbq there you to climb the rocks everything to go there meh, now, got wooden bridge already maaaa (sorry, got carried away coz when school day got many Amoi friends meh)

You see what har?

The beautiful and famos TC... (but not my choice for family picnic)

Meanwhile at kampung....

The kampung plantations

No more "police-centery"

A bunch of kids running along the not so busy road in one of the kampung lane

A Malay women seen here lepaking at the tembok in one of the evening stroll. A typical scene you can see at the kampung before night fall.
The kampung at dusk...


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