I've been having a bad headache, almost everyday, for the past 1 month. I've been referred to a physician (specialist) at the nearest Medical Centre and he suggested for a CT scan. Strangely enough ya, I was like berkobar2 for the CT scan at the first place, but when the 'moment of truth' came, I was chicken out. Oklah, the doc gave me a week with a couple types of headache medicine to be taken daily, but, should the symptoms still occurred, I definitely will have to go for the procedure. Takut? Who doesn't! I actually don't takut with the procedure, but I takut with the result. Well, after all, you'll have to do what you have to do. Good luck to me. Makkkkk... kita takuttttt!!!!!!!
p/s : Oh yea, before I met the doctor, I was hoping for an older fatherly like doctor, 'unfortunately', when the doc lalu infront of me I was like saying aloud in my heart, "Oh noooo!" ; for he is wayyyy much too younger from what I've imagined and wayyyyyy much too handsome than i thought. Oh, well, you know....... ok, drop it.


sempat jugak ye.. hehe.. doc tu hensem serupa korean star tak ?
bg pengubat di ketika tu..hehe

harap takde apa yang memudaratkan.

*saya pon plan to do the same tp xtau bila..
Aida Rezuan said…
Uiks Yong, naper la sakit pala pulak. Hmm.. saya sokong Yong gi buat procedure tuh. Takut memang takut tapi at least tau punca nye. Ntah2 sebab dek stress keje jek, so at least dah lega dah. Kan?

Hope you get better ye. And hopefully it's nothing.
Yong Kamariah said…
Rina : doc tu macam SRK lah hahaha, naper, you sakit kepala juga ke? saya ni lagi tatau penyebabnya lagi tak tenteram, gotta prepare for the worst
Yong Kamariah said…
Aida - thanks ya, rasanya bukan sbb stress sbb klu pasai keje saya langsung tak stress! betul, lagi tak tau puncanya lagi tu tak lega...

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