Saturday, November 14, 2009

Choose it

Today is surely one pathetic, mourning - gloomy dismal day. The sun refuses to shine, and yet the rain wouldn't want to fall down. As so does my life seems to be. Here, alone in my bedroom seems to be in an empty spaces. My other half has gone for work, my son is laughing ecstatically downstairs, enjoying a new game that he has discovered. But I feel empty. I've tried to be anything today but I failed. I don't feel like doing anything and so it goes : doing nothing, nada. Life if what you choose to be. Some people choose to be happy and they do happy when they really mean to be like that. Some choose to be sad cause they don't bother to be happy. Or, maybe they just don't have a choice at all.

I've tried to read some novel that I used to love sometime ago. But I failed. I can't imagine anything as I go through words by words, and lines by lines. I've tried watching TV but it failed to amuse me. I've tried very hard to focus in my prayers but thousands of matters bothered me. For that, I choose to be static. What a pathetic choice. One static, pathetic woman who choose to be useless today. Or, do I have other choices?

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